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Zcash ZEC 4000H Miner Mining Rig 6 GPU NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti Crypto Coin. Antminer Litecoin Scrypt Miner -better than BITCOIN.

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Ill try to answer your question (ill make it nice and simple).My litecoin and doge wallets are currently syncing looks like i kept 5 litecoin when they were. would take 4 months to buy a 1080Ti. What sort of hashrate do.EVGA 1080 FTW MSI 1080 Gaming X EVGA 1080Ti Hybrid Register.


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I think your card is broken since you game at low FPS too. you said you OC honestly my intensity was 14 you cant just copy and paste settings.

I was outraged, especially because I cannot return the first card because the return period has passed.

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Also find graphics card power consumption, which driver version to choose, tweaks and suggestions.The new price was 349 I think and 499 for the 1080 after the 1080ti.

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Memory: Kingston HyperX Genesis 8GB Kit 2x4GB DDR3 1866MHz CL9. 118 USD.Prep yourself for earning some serious crypto in Part 1 of our Litecoin 101.

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Your OC is BAD (After power settings are checked if hashing is still off back the card to defaults).

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Ti Founders Edition 11GB GDDR5X Unboxing. hashrate, gtx 1080ti.

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It only decreases even more when I lower the intensity or clocks now.Easy to use, step by step procedure to mine Siacoin using Ethereum-Siacoin Dual Miner on Nanopool.In time I learned not only that it was not true, but also I learned a lot about video cards, thread concurrency, gpu, memory, rigs etc.

For clarification I have also included this list in the order in which you should troubleshoot.So I was thinking this is a good start for a RIG, planning to extend it by adding Video Cards and power sources.Forgive my ignorance but its like me being a part time cruncher and asking for money to do it.

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Because of the small space between the two cards, the prior (290X) now heats up more, so in order to keep a 75C constant temperature, I had to lift up the cooler fan to 70%, so that means more consumed power.I just spent the weekend dragging my old Litecoin miners. to profit off this crypto mining. you could ave bought a 1080ti 3 months ago and had a faster card.Apparently people here go ape shit when you give a link to another forum. Fine.

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Take the clock settings out of the batch file and use afterburner to OC and set a fan profile.BitCoin LiteCoin DigitalCoin and all Crypto Currencies Club And.If not and it peaks at 465 then lowering the clocks results in even less hashrate.

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Always make sure to delete the BIN file cgminer creates after you make any changes.If you are wondering if you should buy the RX 580 for your mining rig, right now the answer is no.

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Hybrid mining is not the same as dual mining, but dual mining is when the GPU needs to drill another extra coin when.